We research widely to find the most relevant culturally appropriate useful tips, advice, personal stories, and resources related to dementia, caregiving, wellbeing, aging, and the provision of health and social care.

Support and Guidance for YOU


If you are concerned about your ‘forgetfulness’ or if you are at any of the stages of your dementia journey.

If you are a loved one, or family member of a loved one who has memory loss and/or dementia.

If you are striving to be culturally competent, as you are working in increasingly diverse environments amongst multi-lingual service-users and families, from diverse, cultures faiths and beliefs.

For YOU we have collated a broad range of related videos to provide support and guidance which afterwards you can share with family, friends and work colleagues.

Dementia Journey

We strongly recommend that you ALL explore the ‘Singapore’ section, as here we have what we consider to be the most poignant selection of videos. Here family members share in great detail their experiences, and the many challenges they encountered at each stage of their loved one’s dementia journey.

Within both our ‘Cultural Competent Reminisce Toolkits’ and the ‘Family Heritage Toolbox’, we provide workers, caregivers and families with a greater, and more in depth catalogue of resource materials, from the country or Caribbean island specific to where the ‘Elder’ spent their early years. Amongst these are vintage videos, featuring aspects of their early years ‘back home’, aspects of their cultural heritage, the working lives of their parents and grand-parents. Also include is a range of multisensory experiences to help stimulate memories from ‘back home’, these including smells, textures, photographs, a family game, vintage artefacts from their early years and much more, all serving to trigger connections, reignite memories, and stories for them to share.


“An Ounce of Practical Advice is Worth a Pound of Theory”

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