African & Caribbean Dementia Toolkit – Premium Edition

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African & Caribbean Dementia Toolkit – Premium Edition

Customised to the individual’s land of birth with specific mementos from ‘Home’.

Vintage Photo Archive with 22 large A3 laminated vintage photographic prints from ‘Home’ and the region.

Toolkit Heritage File – Photographed pages with a set of structured, engaging, probing questions to ask.

1950/60s Air Mail letters & envelopes specifically addressed to them.

‘Life –Journey’ section for you to record key parts of their early life, anecdotes, stories and those ‘nuggets of gold’ shared.

Structured Section for you to, continue and further develop and record your loved ones, ‘Life Journey’.

Heritage Toolbox – Stylistic grey and white fabric storage box, silver metal handles and white lid. Made of high-quality cardboard, cotton linen fabric, and with reinforced bottom boards, sturdy fashionable and durable (33 x 23 x 17cm).

Aromatherapy – take a deep breath from the various objects that a ‘loved one’ can hold in their hands and inhale the aromas from ‘Back Home’, bringing back specific experiences and times spent ‘back in the day’ with, siblings, parents, grand-parents, family and friends.

Touch, Feel, Hold & Reminisce – over 15 objects when held in their hands, ‘loved ones’ will be transported back to their younger days, with these vintage items from bygone eras triggering them patients into talking about the memories they still have.

Archive Caribbean Film & Videos – no need for a cinema booth as together you can watch over 50 archive footage of Caribbean scenes from the 1930s, and through each and every decade up to the 1970s. Delve into their/your own land of birth, then see the similarities and differences when viewing the other countries.